Volume 59, No. 1
April 2018

Review Paper
An overview on epiphytism as a direct mechanism of facilitation in tropical forests–Talitha Mayumi Francisco, Mário Luís Garbin, Camila De Toledo Castanho & Carlos Rámon Ruiz-Miranda

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Research Papers
Does livestock predation reflect in negative local perceptions of Ethiopian wolves in South Wollo?–Girma Eshete,  Claudio Sillero-Zubiri, Ellen Cieraad, C. J. M. Musters, G. R. De Snoo, H. H. De Iongh & Jorgelina Marino

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Spider assemblage structure in a neotropical rainforest-inselberg complex: ecological and methodological insights from a small-scale intensive survey–Kaïna Privet, Cyril Courtial, Thibaud Decaens, El Aziz Djoudi, Vincent Vedel, Frédéric Ysnel & Julien Pétillon

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Patterns of alien plant species richness across gradients of altitude: analyses from the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh–Mustaqeem Ahmad, Sanjay Kr. Uniyal & Rakesh D. Singh

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Altitudinal distribution of native and alien plant species along roadsides in Kashmir Himalaya, India– Pervaiz A. Dar, Zafar A. Reshi & Ayaz Bashir Shah

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What drives performance potential of Lantana camara L. (sensu lato) in the invaded range?–Neha Goyal , Karen J. Esler & Gyan P. Sharma

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Benthic distribution in small tropical lakes: the presence of macrophytes matters– Erika Mayumi Shimabukuro & Raoul Henry

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Influence of diurnal tides and other physico-chemical factors on the assemblage and diversity of fish species in River Pra Estuary, Ghana–Isaac Okyere

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Soil fertility improvement from commercial monospecific mangrove forests (Rhizophora apiculata) at Yeesarn Village, Samut Songkram Province, Thailand – Chaisit Thongjoo, Sarunya Choosak & Ratcha Chaichana

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Effect of long term application of organic and inorganic fertilizers on soil microbial activities in semi-arid and sub-humid rainfed agricultural systems–Cherukumalli Srinivasarao, Sumanta Kundu, Minakshi Grover, Mallappa Manjunath, Sudhakar Kasbe Sudhanshu, Jagannathbhai Jeevanbhai Patel, Shiv Raj Singh, Ram Pratap Singh, Madhanbhai Mohandas Patel, Ayyanadar Arunachalam & Sudhir Kumar Soam

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Rock phosphate-solubilising potential of fungal and bacterial isolates from soils surrounding panda Hill and Minjingu phosphate rock deposits in Tanzania– Ester Jimmy Simfukwe & Hamisi Juma Tindwa

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Floristic uniqueness and effect of degradation on diversity: A case study of sacred groves from northern Western Ghats–Aboli Kulkarni, Anuradha Upadhye, Neelesh Dahanukar & Mandar N. Datar

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Effects of climatic variability and local environment patterns on the ecology and population structure of the multipurpose plant species, Vitex doniana Sweet (Lamiaceae) in Benin–Achille Hounkpèvi, Edouard Konan Kouassi & Romain Glèlè Kakaï

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Magnitude of temporal fluctuations of composite environment and their impacts on   Cassia auriculata (Linn.) performance–Manish Mathur

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Short Communications
Large scale infestation of blue pine by Himalayan dwarf mistletoe in the Gangotri National Park, Western Himalaya–Ishwari Datt Rai, Manish Bhardwaj, Gautam Talukdar, Gopal Singh Rawat & S. Sathyakumar

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