Volume 58, No. 4
December 2017

Research Papers
Two principal precipitation regimes in Himalayas and their influence on tree distribution–Surender Pratap Singh, Ripu Daman Singh, Surabhi Gumber & Sparsh Bhatt

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Marked reproductive plasticity in response to contrasting fire regimes in a neotropical palm–Linton Lee Arneaud, Aidan D. Farrell & Michael P. Oatham

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Root exudates reduce electrical conductivity and water potential of rhizospheres and facilitate non-halophytes to survive in dry land saline soils–C. B. Pandey, Praveen Kumar & S. K. Chaudhari

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Modelling photosynthetic rates of Indian red mangroves (Rhizophora mucronata Poir.) to climatic factors–Tanumi Kumar, T. V. R. Murthy, Prabakaran Chellamani, Vanitha Krishnan, T. Thangaradjou & R. Mani Murali

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An investigation on rattan taxonomic diversity in four selected forest reserves of northern Peninsular Malaysia–Wan Nur Fasihah Zarifah Binti Wan Rozali, Kazi Mohammad Masum, Amirrudin Bin Ahmad, Rahmad Zakaria, Asyraf Mansor & Ahmad Sofiman Othman

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Study on foraging response of Trichogrammatids governed by volatile cues–Udai Pratap Singh, Surabhi Singh, Rajendra Kumar & Archna Kumar

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Estimating bat abundance and diversity in a modified tropical environment in central Ghana–Evans E. Nkrumah, Bismark A. Opoku, Ebenezer K. Badu, Emmanuel Danquah, Marco Tschapka & Samuel K. Oppong

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Ecosystem productivity and its response to environmental variable of moist Indian sal forest–Taibanganba Watham, S. P. S. Kushwaha, N. R. Patel, V. K. Dadhwal & A. Senthil Kumar

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Variations in fine root growth during age chronosequence of moist tropical forest following shifting cultivation in Mizoram, northeast India–Dipendra Singha & S. K. Tripathi

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Annual seasonality and diversity patterns of the plant community in a fog oasis ecosystem in the city of Lima-Jose L. Rolando, Juan D. Del Castillo, Diego Padilla, Zulema Quinteros & Edgar Sánchez

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The traits of frugivores and diaspores are corrected with the number of fruits eaten in the Cerrado gallery forest–Adriano Antonio Brito Darosci, José Carlos Motta-Junior & E. Cássia Beatriz Rodrigues Munhoz

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Effect of N application on emergence and growth of weeds associated with rice–Vartika Singh, Hema Singh & A. S. Raghubanshi

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Short Communications
Spatial and temporal variation of black cotton soil organic carbon in Guinean forest zone in West Africa–Cedric A. Goussanou, Sabin Guendehou & Brice Sinsin

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Host preferences, spatial distribution and interaction of oxpeckers with wild ungulates in and around southern Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe– Tawanda Tarakini, Sophie Sithole, Beaven Utete, Victor K. Muposhi, Daphine Madhlamoto & Edson Gandiwa

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