Volume 58, No. 3
October 2017

Review Papers
Pratiksha Patnaik, Tasneem Abbasi & S. A. Abbasi – Prosopis (Prosopis juliflora): blessing and bane

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Research Papers
Mohamed Amar Naqqiuddin, Muna A. Omar Abdel Kader, Norsalwani Muhamad Nor, Norhafizah Osman, Shamarina Shohaimi, Shahrizim Zulkifly, Hishamuddin Omar & Ahmad Ismail – Comparison of phytoplankton diversity and succession between two small man-made lakes in Serdang, Selangor

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Julien Kouadio N’dri, Serge Demeango Zon, Jérôme Ebagnérin Tondoh & Jan Lagerlöf – Changes in mite richness and diversity along a gradient of land-use intensity from mid-west Ivory Coast

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Akram Ahmed, J. M. S. Tomar, H. Mehta, R. Kaushal, Dibyendu Deb, O. P. Chaturvedi & P. K. Mishra – Throughfall, stemflow and interception loss in Grewia optiva and Morus alba in north west Himalayas

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Surrya Khanam, Muhammad Mushtaq, Amjad Rashid Kayani, Muhammad Sajid Nadeem & Mirza Azhar Beg – Small mammal community composition and abundance in rural human habitations of Pothwar, Pakistan

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Subhajit Das, Dipnarayan Ganguly, Tapan Kumar Jana, Tarun Kumar De – Microbial activity determining soil CO2 emission in the Sundarban mangrove forest, India

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K.  Anil & N. Parthasarathy – Flower traits of plant species and floral resource users in tropical dry evergreen forest on Coromandel Coast of India

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H. S. Suresh, D. M. Bhat, N. H. Ravindranath & R. Sukumar – Carbon stocks and sequestration potential of Indian Mangroves

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Isau Huamantupa-Chuquimaco, Miguel A. Luza-Victorio, Reynaldo Linares-Palomino & Efrain Molleapaza-Arispe – Woody plant diversity in the seasonally dry tropical forests of the Urubamba valley, a threatened biodiversity hotspot in southern Peru

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Pooja Arora & Smita Chaudhry – Dependency of rate of soil respiration on soil parameters and climatic factors in different tree plantations at Kurukshetra, India

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Tafadzwa P. Nyazika, Patience Zisadza-Gandiwa, Admire Chanyandura, Never Muboko  & Edson Gandiwa – Influence of fire frequency on woody vegetation structure and composition in Lake Chivero Recreational Park, northern Zimbabwe

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P. Vivek & N. Parthasarathy – Patterns of tree-liana interactions: distribution and host preference of lianas in a tropical dry evergreen forest in India

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S. Yilmaz, A. Ayvaz & U. Azizoglu – Diversity and distribution of cry genes in native Bacillus thuringiensis strains isolated from wild ecological areas of East-Mediterranean region of Turkey

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Rahul Bhadouria, Rishikesh Singh, Pratap Srivastava, Sachchidanand Tripathi & A. S. Raghubanshi – Interactive effect of water and nutrient on survival and growth of tree seedlings of four dry tropical tree species under grass competition

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Jamie D. Hoover, Sunil Kumar, Shelley A- James Stephen J. Leisz & Melinda LAITURI Modeling Hotspots of Plant Diversity in New Guinea

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Edgar G. Leija-Loredo & Numa P. Pavón – The northermost tropical rain forest of the Americas: Endangered by agriculture expansion

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Ademir Sérgio Ferreira De Araújo, Sandra Mara Barbosa Rocha, Vilma Maria Dos Santos, Rajeev Pratap Singh, Radomir Schmidt & Kate M. Scow – Abundance of ammonia-oxidizing organisms across a gradient of preserved Brazilian Cerrado

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Short Communications
C. Ankalaiah T. Mastan & M. Sridhar Reddy – Observations on re-sprouting as regeneration strategy in Pterocarpus santalinus (Red sanders) – an endemic tree in dry deciduous forests of Sri Lankamalla wild life sanctuary, southern Eastern Ghats

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Roland Kirschner, Rosa V. Villarreal S. & Juan A. Bernal Vega – First record of association of gall midges (Cecidomyiidae, Diptera) with a slime mold (Fuligo candida,Myxomycetes) in the tropics

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Ana Carolina Srbek-Araujo, Cristina Jaques Da Cunha & James Joseph Roper Post-dispersal seed predation by Atlantic Forest squirrels monitoring lowland tapir latrines

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