Volume 52, No. 2
May 2011

Research Papers
André Lindner –Small scale structure of forest stands in the Atlantic Rainforest – Notes on understorey light fluctuation

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Ishtiyaq Ahmed Najar & Anisa B. Khan –Earthworm communities of Kashmir Valley, India

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P. Rama Bhat & K. M. Kaveriappa –Rhizoplane mycoflora of some species of Myristicaceae of the Western Ghats, India

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Jinghui Meng, Yuanchang Lu, Xiangdong Lei & Gang Liu –Structure and floristics of tropical forests and their implications for restoration of degraded forests of China's Hainan Island

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Shobha Rawat, D. K. Upreti & Rana P. Singh –Estimation of epiphytic lichen litter fall biomass in three temperate forests of Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, India

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Mohd. Aslam, Zafar A. Reshi & T. O. Siddiqi –Genetic divergence in half-sib progenies of Pinus wallichiana A.B. Jackson plus trees in the Kashmir Himalaya, India

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Arezoo Sanei, Mohamed Zakaria, Ebil Yusof & Mohamad Roslan –Estimation of leopard population size in a secondary forest within Malaysia’s capital agglomeration using unsupervised classification of pugmarks

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Short Communication
Megha Rawat, H. B. Vasistha, R. K. Manhas & Mridula Negi –Sacred forest of Kunjapuri Siddhapeeth, Uttarakhand, Indiacritique

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Hema Singh, Priyadarshani Pathak, Manoj Kumar & Akhilesh S. Raghubanshi –Carbon sequestration potential of Indo-Gangetic agroecosystem soils

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