Volume 52, No. 1
January 2011

Research Papers
Guillermo Castro-Marín, Mulualem Tigabu, Benigno González-Rivas & Per Christer Odén –Germination requirements and seedling establishment of four dry forest species from Nicaragua

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Alemnew Alelign, Yonas Yemshaw, Demel Teketay & Sue Edwards. –Socio-economic factors affecting sustainable utilization of woody species in Zegie Peninsula, northwestern Ethiopia

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Fabio Rossano Dario & Maria Cristina Veiga de Vincenzo –Avian diversity and relative abundance in a restinga forest of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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W. D. Eaton, S. Mcdonald, M. Roed, K. L. Vandecar, J. B. Hauge & D. Barry –A comparison of nutrient dynamics and microbial community characteristics across seasons and soil types in two different old growth forests in Costa Rica

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P. S. Chaudhuri & Subhalaxmi Bhattacharjee –Reproductive biology of eight tropical earthworm species of rubber plantations in Tripura, India

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Serekebirhan Takele, Afework Bekele, Gurja Belay & M. Balakrishnan –A comparison of rodent and insectivore communities between sugarcane plantation and natural habitat in Ethiopia

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Anjum Farooqui & B. Sekhar –Climate change and vegetation succession in Lalitpur area, Uttar Pradesh (India) during late holocene

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B. Raviprasad Rao, M. V. Suresh Babu, M. Sridhar Reddy, A. Madhusudhana Reddy, V. Srinivasa Rao, S. Sunitha & K. N. Ganeshaiah –Sacred groves in southern eastern ghats, India: are they better managed than forest reserves?

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Bharat Babu Shrestha, Pramod Kumar Jha & Dhan Raj Kandel –Reproductive ecology and conservation prospects of a threatened medicinal plant Curculigo orchioides Gaertn. in Nepal

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Asheesh Shivam Mishra & Prakash Nautiyal –Factors governing longitudinal variation in benthic macroinvertebrate fauna of a small Vindhyan river in Central Highlands ecoregion (central India)

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Lekha Ghosh & Lalji Singh –Variation in seed and seedling characters of Jatropha curcas L. with varying zones and provenances

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Arvind K. Jha, S. K. Singh, G. P. Singh & Prabhat K. Gupta –Sustainable municipal solid waste management in low income group of cities: a review

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Short Communication
Rupesh R. Bharti, Ishwari D. Rai, B. S. Adhikari & G. S. Rawat –Timberline change detection using topographic map and satellite imagery: a critique

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