Volume 51, No. 2 Special
Winter 2010

Plant invasion and environmental pollution: causes of concern
A.J. Hiremath & M. Agrawal (Guest Editors)

A.J. Hiremath & M. Agrawal – Plant invasion and environmental pollution: causes of concern (Guest Editors)

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Gyan P. Sharma & Akhilesh S. Raghubanshi – How lantana invades dry deciduous forest: a case study from Vindhyan highlands, India

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Manzoor A. Shah, Zafar A. Reshi & Nazima Rasool – Plant invasions induce a shift in Glomalean spore diversity

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N.A. Aravind, Dinesh Rao, K.N. Ganeshaiah, R. Uma Shaanker & John G. Poulsen – Impact of the invasive plant, Lantana camara, on bird assemblages at Malé Mahadeshwara Reserve Forest, South India

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Irfan Rashid & Zafar A. Reshi – Does carbon addition to soil counteract disturbance promoted alien plant invasions?

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Purnima Raizada & Akhilesh S. Raghubanshi – Seed germination behaviour of Lantana camara in response to smoke

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Supriya Tiwari, Madhoolika Agrawal & Fiona M. Marshall – Seasonal variations in adaptational strategies of Beta vulgaris L. plants in response to ambient air pollution: Biomass allocation, yield and nutritional quality

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J. Pandey, K. Shubhashish & Richa Pandey – Heavy metal contamination of Ganga river at Varanasi in relation to atmospheric deposition

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Anita Singh, Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Madhoolika Agrawal & Fiona M. Marshall – Risk assessment of heavy metal toxicity through contaminated vegetables from waste water irrigated area of Varanasi, India

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Rajesh K. Sharma & Shashi Bhushan Agrawal – Responses of Abelmoschus esculentus L. (lady’s finger) to elevated levels of Zn and Cd

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B.V. Pandey & R.S. Upadhyay – Pseudomonas fluorescens can be used for bioremediation of textile effluent containing Direct Orange-102

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