Volume 51, No. 1
Summer 2010

Remote sensing of tropical ecosystems
S.P.S. Kushwaha, V.K. Dadhwal & Skip J. Van Bloem (Guest Editors)

S.P.S. Kushwaha, V.K. Dadhwal & Skip J. Van Bloem (Guest Editors) - Remote sensing of tropical ecosystems

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Steffen Kuntz – Potential of spaceborne SAR for monitoring the tropical environments

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Nisha Wani, A. Velmurugan & V.K. Dadhwal –Assessment of agricultural crop and soil carbon pools in Madhya Pradesh, India

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S. Ashutosh, D. Pandey, T. Kaur & R.K. Bajpai – Knowledge-based remote sensing and GIS approach for forest type mapping in Kathua district, Jammu and Kashmir

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B.P. Bhaskar, Utpal Baruah, S. Vadivelu, P. Raja & Deepak Sarkar –Remote sensing and GIS in the management of wetland resources of Majuli Island, Assam, India

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S.V. Bobade, B.P. Bhaskar, M.S. Gaikwad, P. Raja, S.S. Gaikwad, S.G. Anantwar, S.V. Patil, S.R. Singh & A.K. Maji –A GIS –based land use suitability assessment in Seoni district, Madhya Pradesh, India

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L. Goparaju & C.S. Jha –Spatial dynamics of species diversity in fragmented plant communities of a Vindhyan dry tropical forest in India

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M.M. Kimothi, D. Anitha, H.B. Vasistha, P. Soni & S.K. Chandola –Remote sensing to map the invasive weed, Lantana camara in forests

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S. Kumari, M.D. Behera & H.R. Tewari –Identification of potential ecotourism sites inWest District, Sikkim using geospatial tools

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Sushma Panigrahy, D. Anitha, M.M. Kimothi & S.P. Singh –Timberline change detection using topographic map and satellite imagery

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N.R. Patel, V.K. Dadhwal, S.K. Saha, A. Garg & N. Sharma –Evaluation of MODIS data potential to infer water stress for wheat NPP estimation

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V.K. Srivastava & D. Anitha –Mapping of non-timber forest products using remote sensing and GIS

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Uttara Pandey, S.P.S. Kushwaha, T.S. Kachhwaha, P. Kunwar & V.K. Dadhwal – Potential of Envisat ASAR data for woody biomass assessment

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