Volume 50, No. 1
Summer 2009

Papers from Tropical Ecology Congress
S.P. Singh, Skip J. Van Bloem & A.R. Nautiyal (Series Editors)
Current Trends in Tropical Biodiversity Research and Conservation
G.S. Rawat (Guest Editor)

S.P. Singh, Skip J. Van Bloem & A.R. Nautiyal (Series Editors) – Papers from Tropical Ecology Congress

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G.S. Rawat (Guest Editor) – Current trends in tropical biodiversity research and conservation

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S.P. Singh & C.M. Sharma – Tropical ecology: an overview

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K. Venkataraman – India’s Biodiversity Act 2002 and its role in conservation

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Ragupathy Kannan & Douglas A. James – Effects of climate change on global biodiversity: a review of key literature

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Michael J.B. Green, Ric How, U.K.G.K. Padmalal & S.R.B. Dissanayake – The importance of monitoring biological diversity and its application in Sri Lanka

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A.S. Raghubanshi & Anshuman Tripathi – Effect of disturbance, habitat fragmentation and alien invasive plants on floral diversity in dry tropical forests of Vindhyan highland: a review

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Lindsey Norgrove, Csaba Csuzdi, Francis Forzi, Mélanie Canet & John Gounes – Shifts in soil faunal community structure in shaded cacao agroforests and consequences for ecosystem function in Central Africa

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Sumin G. Thomas, Shiny M. Rehel, Anita Varghese, Priya Davidar & Simon G. Potts – Social bees and food plant associations in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, India

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L. Rasingam & N. Parathasarathy – Tree species diversity and population structure across major forest formations and disturbance categories in Little Andaman Island, India

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A.T. Surendra, Anshumali & Gurdeep Singh – Prediction of plant species diversity by loglinear and power function models along the east coast of India

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R.P. Shukla – Patterns of plant species diversity across Terai landscape in north-eastern Uttar Pradesh, India

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Margaret D. Lowman – Canopy research in the twenty-first century: a review of Arboreal Ecology

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L.N. Kakati & B.C. Chutia – Diversity and ecology of wild sericigenous insects in Nagaland, India

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B.K. Mishra, Ruchi Badola & A.K. Bhardwaj – Social issues and concerns in biodiversity conservation: experiences from wildlife protected areas in India

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Anirban Datta-Roy, Nimesh Ved & A. Christy Williams – Participatory elephant monitoring in South Garo Hills: efficacy and utility in a human-animal conflict scenario

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M. Arthur Selwyn & R. Ganesan – Evaluating the potential role of Eucalyptus plantations in the regeneration of native trees in southern Western Ghats, India

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K.P. Tripathi & Bajrang Singh – Species diversity and vegetation structure across various strata in natural and plantation forests in Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, North India

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Gunjan Sharma, B.P. Nautiyal & A.R. Nautiyal – Seedling emergence and survival in Cinnamomum tamala under varying micro-habitat conditions: conservation implications

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