Volume 49, No. 1
Summer 2008

Research Papers


Tadesse Habtamu & Afework Bekele – Habitat association of insectivores and rodents of Alatish National Park, northwestern Ethiopia

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G. Singh, T.R. Rathod, S. Mutha, S. Upadhyaya & N. Bala – Impact of different tree species canopy on diversity and productivity of understorey vegetation in Indian desert

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R.K.Yadav & A.S.Yadav – Phenology of selected woody species in a tropical dry deciduous forest in Rajasthan, India

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R.H. Rizvi, Diwakar Khare & R.S. Dhillon – Statistical models for aboveground biomass of Populus deltoides planted in agroforestry in Haryana

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P.B. Rao, A. Kaur & A. Tewari – Drought resistance in seedlings of five important tree species in Tarai region of Uttarakhand

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D.S. Chauhan, C.S. Dhanai, Bhupendra Singh, Shashi Chauhan, N.P. Todaria & M.A. Khalid – Regeneration and tree diversity in natural and planted forests in a Terai –Bhabhar forest in Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, India

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Scientific Correspondence


Manish Mathur & S. Sundaramoorthy – Distribution pattern and growth assessment of Corchorus depressus in semi arid Indian desert

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S. Deb, A. R. Barbhuiya, A. Arunachalam & K. Arunachalam – Ecological analysis of traditional agroforest and tropical forest in the foothills of Indian eastern Himalaya: vegetation, soil and microbial biomass

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K.R. Sasidharan & R.V. Varma – Seasonal population variations of the bark eating caterpillar (Indarbela quadrinotata) in Casuarina plantations of Tamil Nadu

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Arun Jyoti Nath, Gitasree Das & Ashesh Kumar Das – Vegetative phenology of three bamboo species in subtropical humid climate of Assam

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K.R. Saravanan, K. Ilangovan & Anisa B. Khan – Floristic and macro faunal diversity of Pondicherry mangroves, South India

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