Volume 48, No. 1
Summer 2007

Research Papers


Anne Damon & Pedro Salas Roblero – A survey of pollination in remnant orchid
populations in Soconusco Chiapas, Mexico

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Priya Davidar, D. Mohan Dass & S. Lalitha Vijayan – Floristic inventory of woody plants
in a tropical montane (Shola) forest in the Palni hills of the Western Ghats, India

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Jay Shankar Singh & Ajai Kumar Kashyap - Variations in soil N-mineralization and
nitrification in seasonally dry tropical forest and savanna ecosystems in Vindhyan region,

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Elemnew Alelign, Demel Teketay, Yonas Yemshaw & Sue Edwards - Diversity and
status of regeneration of woody plants on the peninsula of Zegie, northwestern Ethiopia

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Nasser S. Al-Khalifah & A.E. Shanavaskhan – On the distribution, status and phenology
of Ghada ( Haloxylon persicum Bunge ) in the Arabian peninsula

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Snehlata Tripathi & R.P. Shukla – Effect of clipping and grazing on various vegetational
parameters of grassland communities of Gorakhpur, U.P.

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Manisha Tewari & B.R. Kaushal – Density, diversity and herbivory of above-ground
insects in a grassland community of central Himalayan tarai region

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Yisehak Doku, Afework Bekele & M. Balakrishnan – Population status of plains zebra
(Equus quagga) in Nechisar plains, Nechisar National Park, Ethiopia.

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C.B. Pandey & R.B. Rai – Nitrogen cycling in gliricidia (Gliricidia sepium) alley cropping in
humid tropics

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Kiran Bargali & S.P. Singh – Germination behaviour of some leguminous and actinorhizal
plants of Himalaya: Effect of temperature and medium

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R. Bisht, H. Pandey, D. Bharti, S.P.S Bisht & B.R. Kaushal – Reproductive potential of
the earthworm Metaphire posthuma (Oligochaeta) in different food substrates

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Scientific Correspondence


Sharda W. Khade & B.F. Rodrigues - Incidence of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi in
some angiosperms with underground storage organs from Western Ghat region of Goa

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P.C. Joshi – Community structure and habitat selection of butterflies in Rajaji National
Park, a moist deciduous forest in Uttaranchal, India

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A.S. Yadav & S.K. Gupta – Effect of micro-environment and human disturbance on the
diversity of herbaceous species in Sariska Tiger Project

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