Volume 47, No. 2
Winter 2006

Distinguished Ecologist Commentary


Carl F. Jordan - The life and career of Frank B. Golley (1930-2006) and his role in awakening north american ecology to the international realm

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Research Papers


Surendra P. Singh, Donald B. Zobel, Satish C. Garkoti, Ashish Tewari & C.M.S.       Negi - Patterns in water relations of central Himalayan trees

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S. Alemmeren Jamir, K. Upadhaya & H.N. Pandey - Life form composition and stratification of montane humid forests in Meghalaya, northeast India

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Hans-Werner Koyro, Salma Daoud, Cherif Harrouni & B. Huchzermeyer - Strategies of a potential cash crop halophyte (Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima) to avoid salt injury

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Bharat Babu Shrestha, Yadav Uprety & Pramod Kumar Jha - Wood properties in relation to foliar phenology of some planted tree species at Kirtipur, central Nepal.

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Michael P. Oatham & Natalie Boodram - The dry forest vegetation communities of Little Tobago Island, West Indies:  Floristic affinities

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Shachi Gupta & Rup Narayan - Species diversity in four contrasting sites in a peri-urban area in Indian dry tropics.

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Pia Parolin, Nicole Armbrüster & W.J. Junk - Two Amazonian floodplain trees react differently to periodical flooding

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C.B.Pandey, Kanak Lata, A.Venkatesh & R.P.Medhi - Diversity and species structure of home gardens in South Andaman

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Arvind Singh - Growth and leaf nutrient status of companion species as influenced by neighbouring species in mixed plantations raised on mine spoil.

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Michael P. Oatham & Natalie Boodram - Gap analysis of neotropical dry forests in protected areas using Geographical Information Systems and Global Datasets.

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B.K. Vasanthraj & K.R. Chandrashekar - Analysis of the structure of Charmady reserve forest.

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Scientific Correspondence


Renu Bisht, H. Pandey, S.P.S. Bisht, B. Kandpal & B.R. Kaushal - Feeding and casting activities of the earthworm (Octolasion tyrtaeum) and their effects on crop growth under laboratory conditions.

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