Volume 47, No. 1
Summer 2006

Research Papers
Mulugeta Lemenih & Demel Teketay – Changes in soil seed bank composition and density following deforestation and subsequent cultivation of a tropical dry Afromontane forest in Ethiopia.

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Michael P. Oatham & Seepersad Ramnarine – Dynamics of pioneer and primary successional stage trees in a logged Trinidadian tropical rainforest and the influence of drought.

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P.J. Ramoliya & A.N. Pandey – Effect of salinization of soil on emergence, growth and survival of Albizzia lebbek seedlings.

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P. Hazarika, N.C. Talukdar & Y.P. Singh – Natural colonization of plant species on coal mine spoils at Tikak Colliery, Assam.

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N. Krishnankutty, S. Chandrasekaran & G. Jeyakumar – Evaluation of disturbance in a tropical dry deciduous forest of Alagar hill (Eastern Ghats), South India.

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Sharmila Roy & M.M. Roy – Spatial distribution and seasonal abundance of soil mites and collembola in grassland and Leucaena plantation in a semi-arid region.

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L. Ibomcha Singh & P.S. Yadava – Spatial distribution of microbial biomass in relation to land-use in subtropical systems of north-east India.

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D.  M. Mahajan & Vishwas S. Kale – Spatial characteristics of vegetation cover based on remote sensing and geographical information system (GIS).

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S. S. Parihar & P.S. Pathak – Flowering phenology and seed biology of selected tropical perennial grasses.

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L. Supriya Devi & P.S. Yadava- Floristic diversity assessment and vegetation analysis of tropical semievergreen forest of Manipur, north  east India.

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Kusum Arunachalam & A. Arunachalam – Nitrogen availability and n-mineralization under different land use types in the humid tropics of Arunachal Pradesh.

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M. Sridhar Reddy & N. Parthasarathy – Liana diversity and distribution on host trees in four inland tropical dry evergreen forests of peninsular India.

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Pankaj Tewari, A. K. Saxena & O.P. Rao – Effect of sodicity and salinity on seedling growth of two early successional agroforestry tree species.

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N. Krishnankutty, G. Jeyakumar & S. Chandrasekaran – Behavioural analysis of bonnet macaque- human interaction in deciduous forest of Alagar Hill (Eastern Ghats), south India.

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A.  Sathianarayanan & Anisa B. Khan – Diversity, distribution and abundance of earthworms in Pondicherry region.

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Scientific Correspondence
S. Viswanath, R.P. Singh & R.C. Thapliyal – Seed bank dynamics of Buxus wallichiana baillon. in a Himalayan moist temperate forest.

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C.B. Pandey, D.K. Sharma & S.S. Bargali – Decomposition and nitrogen release from Leucaena
leucocephala in central India.

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Book Review