Volume 46, No. 2
Winter 2005

Distinguished Ecologist Commentary
Helmut Lieth--- Thoughts and suggestions for tropical ecology

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Research Papers
M. Arjunan, Jean-Philippe Puyravaud & Priya Davidar - The impact of resource
collection by local communities on the dry forests of the Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger

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G.J. Jothi & V.S. Manickam - Intraspecific variation in some species of Euphorbiaceae from
Tirunelveli hills of southern western ghats, Tamil Nadu

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R.M. Mishra & Pushplata Gupta - Frugivory and seed dispersal of Carissa spinarum (L.) in a
tropical deciduous forest of central India

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Orus Ilyas & Jamal A. Khan - Assessment of tree mortality and post fire regeneration
pattern in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kumaon Himalaya

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O.N. Tiwari, B.V. Singh, Upasana Mishra, A.K. Singh, Dolly Wattal Dhar & P.K. Singh-
Distribution and physiological characterization of cyanobacteria isolated from arid zones of

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P. Ghosh & P.P. Dhyani- Nitrogen mineralization, nitrification and nitrifier population in a
protected grassland and rainfed agricultural soil

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S. Soosairaj, S. John Britto, B. Balaguru, D. Natarajan & N. Nagamurugan - Habitat
similarity and species distribution analysis in tropical forests of eastern ghats, Tamil Nadu

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P. Pradhan, S.S. Mishra, S.K. Chakraborty & R.K. Bhakat - Diversity of freshwater
macrophytic vegetation of six rivers of south west Bengal

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Neeraj Khera & R.P. Singh - Germination of some multipurpose tree species in five
provenances in response to variation in light, temperature, substrate and water stress

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Sergio Guevara, Patricia Moreno-Casasola & Graciela Sanchez-Rios - Soil seed banks in
tropical agricultural fields at Los Tuxtlas, Mexico

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P.K. Pande - Biomass and productivity in some disturbed tropical dry deciduous teak forests of Satpura plateau, Madhya Pradesh

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B.P. Mishra, O.P. Tripathi & R.C. Laloo - Community characteristics of a climax
subtropical humid forest of Meghalaya and population structure of ten important tree

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A.K. Tiwari, Ashita Agarwal, Sunil Kumar & S.C. Tiwari - Analysis of landuse and
biomass in Khanda watershed, Garhwal Himalaya, using satellite remote sensing data

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M.S. Chauhan - Pollen record of vegetation and climatic changes in northeastern Madhya
Pradesh during last 1,600 years

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