Volume 45, No. 2
Winter 2004

Distinguished Ecologist Commentary
Ariel E. Lugo --- Humanity will sustain tropical forests

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Research Papers
Gerald R. Urquhart --- Flood-tolerance and flood-escape mechanisms for seeds and seedlings of common swamp trees of Central America

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T. Soromessa, Demel Teketay & S. Demissew --- Ecological study of the vegetation in Gamo Gofa zone, southern Ethiopia

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N.S. Panchal & A.N. Pandey --- Analysis of vegetation of Rampara forest in Saurashtra region of Gujarat State of India

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M.L. Khan, Putul Bhuyan & R.S. Tripathi --- Survival and growth of seedlings of Rudraksh (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) under varied canopy conditions after transplant

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K.P. Tripathi, S. Tripathi, T. Selven, K. Kumar, K.K. Singh, Shanta Mehrotra & P. Pushpangadan --- Community structure and species diversity of Saddle Peak forests in Andaman Island

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B.K. Bahuguna, R. Nautiyal, P. Nautiyal & H.R. Singh --- Stream regulation: Variations in the density, composition and diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates occurring in the up and downstream sections of the impounded zone of the river Ganga in the foothills

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R.M. Mishra, Pushplata Gupta & G.P. Yadav --- Intensity and diversity of flower-visiting insects in relation to plant density of Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk

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S.D. Pathak & R.P. Shukla --- Population structure and sex-ratio of Mallotus philippensis Muel. Arg. within forest vegetation of north-eastern U.P., India

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J.P. Pascal, B.R. Ramesh & Dario De Franceschi --- Wet evergreen forest types of the southern western ghats, India

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Mona Dave & N.S.R. Krishnayya --- Habitat alteration and floristic changes in and around Harni pond, Baroda, India

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K. Upadhaya, H.N. Pandey, P.S. Law & R.S. Tripathi --- Diversity and population characteristics of woody species in subtropical humid forests exposed to cultural disturbances in Meghalaya, Northeast, India

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S.B. Agrawal, Dheeraj Rathore & Anoop Singh --- Effects of supplemental ultraviolet-B and mineral nutrients on growth, biomass allocation and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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M.Vikram Reddy & Katsumi Ohkura --- Vermicomposting of rice-straw and its effects on sorghum growth

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Scientific Correspondence
P.J. Ramoliya, H.M. Patel, N.K. Thakarar & A.N. Pandey --- Soil salinity and water status affect growth of seedlings of Butea monosperma

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Bilas Singh & G. Singh --- Influence of soil water regime on nutrient mobility and uptake by Dalbergia sissoo seedlings

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Book Reviews