Volume 45, No. 1
Summer 2004

Special Issue in Honour of Prof. Helmut Lieth
M. Forstreuter (Guest Editor)

M. Mochtchenko --- Prof. Dr. Em. Helmut Lieth: The man and his life for global ecology

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E.O. Box --- Gross production, respiration and biosphere CO2 fluxes under global warming

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B. Ostendorf, M.G. Bradford & D.W. Hilbert --- Regional analysis of forest biomass at the rainforest/sclerophyll boundary in northern Queensland, Australia

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A. Heinrich & H. Hurka --- Species richness and composition during sylvigenesis in a tropical dry forest in northwestern Costa Rica

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A. Miyawaki & S. Abe --- Public awareness generation for the reforestation in Amazon tropical lowland region

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U. Herpin, V. Rosolen, C.C. Cerri, M.C.S. Carvalho, B. Markert, J. Enzweiler, K. Friese, G. Breulmann, U. Siewers & M. Bernoux --- Distribution and biogeochemistry of inorganic chemicals associated with forest conversion and pasture installation in Rondônia ( Brasilian Amazon Basin)

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E. Medina & M.L. Izaguirre --- N2-fixation in tropical American savannas evaluated by the natural abundance of 15N in plant tissues and soil organic matter

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M.M. Hart & R.J. Reader --- Do arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi recover from soil disturbance differently?

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G. Esser --- Stomatal response of some trees and shrubs from various tropical environments to variable CO2 concentrations

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H.-W. Koyro & B. Huchzermeyer --- Ecophysiological needs of the potential biomass crop Spartina townsendii Grov.

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B. Huchzermeyer, N. Hausmann, F. Paquet-Durant & H.-W. Koyro --- Biochemical and physiological mechanisms leading to salt tolerance

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K.B. Hamed, A. Debez, F. Chibani & C. Abdelly --- Salt response of Crithmum maritimum, an oleagineous halophyte

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W.H. Bolu & A. Polle --- Growth and stress reactions in roots and shoots of a salt-sensitive poplar species (Populus x canescens )

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R. Balasubramanian, J. Papenbrock & A. Schmidt --- Connecting sulfur metabolism and salt tolerance mechanisms in the halophytes Aster tripolium and Sesuvium portulacastrum

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Scientific Correspondence
M. Cluesener-Godt --- Implementing agenda 21: nature conservation and sustainable 183 development in the humid tropics

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B. Boer --- Halophyte development in the Gulf Arab countries - UNESCO Doha's activities

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