Volume 44, No. 2
Winter 2003

Research Papers
Skip J. Van Bloem, Peter G. Murphy & Ariel E. Lugo --- Subtropical dry forest trees with  no apparent damage sprout following a hurricane

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A. Arunachalam & H.N. Pandey --- Microbial C, N and P along a weeding regime in a valley cultivation system of northeast India

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Pia Parolin, L.V. Ferreira & W.J. Junk --- Germination characteristics and establishment of trees from central Amazonian flood plains

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N. Krishnankutty, T.R. Sujatha & G. Jeyakumar --- Leaf litter retention, transport and decomposition in a tropical forest stream of Sirumalai hill (eastern ghats), South India

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S. Bagchi, S.P. Goyal & K. Sankar --- Habitat separation among ungulates in dry tropical forests of Ranthambhore National Park, Rajasthan

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Nell J. Fredericksen, Todd S. Fredericksen, Betty Flores, Elizabeth McDonald & Damian-Rumiz --- Importance of granitic rock outcrops to vertebrate species in a Bolivian tropical forest

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Hema Joshi & M. Ghose --- Forest structure and species distribution along soil salinity and pH gradient in mangrove swamps of the Sundarbans

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S. Sureshkumar Singh, S.C. Tiwari & M.S. Dkhar --- Species diversity of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal (VAM) fungi in jhum fallow and natural forest soils of Arunachal Pradesh, north eastern India

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J.C. Anosike, C.O.E. Onwuliri & V.A. Onwuliri --- Human filariasis in Dass local government area of Bauchi state, Nigeria

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Renu Bisht, H. Pandey, D. Bharti & B.R. Kaushal --- Population dynamics of earthworms (Oligochaeta) in cultivated soils of central Himalayan tarai region

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Katrin Vohland, Karin Furch & Joachim Adis --- Contrasting central Amazonian rainforests and their influence on chemical properties of the cuticle of two millipede species – a first study

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A.I. Odiwe & J.I. Muoghalu --- Litterfall dynamics and forest floor litter as influenced by fire in a secondary lowland rain forest in Nigeria

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Scientific Correspondence
Akhilesh Kumar, Richa Raghuwanshi & R.S. Upadhyay --- Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal association in naturally revegetated coal mine spoil

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Uma Maheshwari R. & N. Anand --- Sensitivity of the cyanobacterium Tolypothrix scytonemoides isolated from temple rocks to low water potentials

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D.K. Das & O.P. Chaturvedi --- Litter quality effects on decomposition rates of forestry plantations

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William Joseph Ntow --- The limnochemical conditions of the northern portion (Yeji area) of the Volta lake thirty years after impoundment

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Obituary --- Prof. H.T. Odum (1924 – 2002)

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