Volume 43, No. 2
Winter 2002

Research Papers
Feyera Senbeta & Demel Teketay --- Soil seed banks in plantations and adjacent natural dry Afromontane forests of central and southern Ethiopia

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S.C. Garkoti, S.B. Akoijam & S.P. Singh --- Ecology of water relations between mistletoe (Taxillus vestitus) and its host oak (Quercus floribunda)

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Sharda W. Khade & B.F. Rodrigues --- Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with some pteridophytes from western ghat region of Goa

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I.C. Okoli, Chidi G. Okoli & C.S. Ebere --- Indigenous livestock production paradigms revisited: Survey of plants of ethnoveterinary importance in southeastern Nigeria

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S. Viswanath, R.P. Singh & R.C. Thapliyal --- Seed germination patterns in a Himalayan moist temperate forest

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Bharath Sundaram & N. Parthasarathy --- Tree growth, mortality and recruitment in four tropical wet evergreen forest sites of the Kolli hills, eastern ghats, India

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Clement Aghatise Edokpayi & Ekikhalo Catherine Osimen --- The impact of impoundment on the physical and chemical hydrology of Ibiekuma stream in southern Nigeria

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B.P. Nautiyal, Vinay Prakash, R. Bahuguna, U. Maithani, H. Bisht & M.C. Nautiyal --- Population study for monitoring the status of rarity of three Aconite species in Garhwal Himalaya

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Meenakshi Sundaravalli V. & Kailash Paliwal --- Effect of Albizzia lebbeck plantation on the nutrient cycling in a semi-arid grazingland

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Raman Kumar Dutta & M. Agrawal --- Effect of tree plantations on the soil characteristics and microbial activity of coal mine spoil land

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K.P. Sharma & B.P. Upadhyaya --- Phytosociology, primary production and nutrient retention in herbaceous vegetation of the forestry arboretum on the Aravalli hills at Jaipur

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P.K. Pande, P.B. Meshram & S.K. Banerjee --- Litter production and nutrient return in tropical dry deciduous teak forests of Satpura plateau in central India

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Scientific Correspondence
S. Jayakumar, D.I. Arockiasamy & S. John Britto --- Forest type mapping and vegetation analysis in part of Kolli hills, eastern ghats of Tamil Nadu

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C.G. Oronsaye --- The effect of transplantation experiment on the shell morph of the shell fish Tympanotonus fuscatus fuscatus

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Jaya Garg & Hari Krishna Garg --- Nutrient loading and its consequences in a lake ecosystem

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Amita Pandeya & S.C. Pandeya --- Environment and population differentiation in Desmostachya bipinnata (Linn.) Stapf. in western India

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Nandita Ghoshal --- Available pool and mineralization rate of soil N in a dryland agroecosystem: Effect of organic soil amendment and chemical fertilizer

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Book Review
Obituary – Prof. E.P. Odum, 1913 – 2002

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