Volume 42, No. 2
Winter 2001

Research Papers
Bhaskar J. Choudhury --- Implementing a nitrogen-based model for autotrophic respiration using satellite and field observations

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Feyera Senbeta & Demel Teketay --- Regeneration of indigenous woody species under the canopies of tree plantations in Central Ethiopia

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C. B. Pandey, D. K. Sharma & A. K. Singh ---  Leucaena – Linseed competition in an alley-cropping system in central India

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Shyamalendu Bikash Saha, S. B. Bhattacharyya, A. Mitra, B. K. Pandey & Amalesh Choudhury --- Physicochemical characteristics in relation to pollution and phytoplankton production potential of a brackishwater ecosystem of Sundarbans in West Bengal

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B. S. Rana, O P. Rao & B. P. Singh --- Biomass production in 7 year old plantations of
Casuarina equisetifolia on sodic soil

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K. R. Beena, A. B. Arun, N. S. Raviraja & K. R. Sridhar --- Association of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with plants of coastal sand dunes of west coast of India

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G. Singh, G. N. Gupta & T. R. Rathod --- Growth of woody perennials in relation to habitat conditions in north-western Rajasthan

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Maria Teresa Menezes de Szechy, Valeria Gomes Veloso & Edison José de Paula --- Brachyura (Decapoda, Crustacea) of phytobenthic communities of the sublittoral region of rocky shores of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil

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Sameer Terdalkar & I. K. Pai --- Statistical approaches for computing diversity of zooplankton in the Andaman sea

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Shyamalendu Bikash Saha, S. B. Bhattacharyya & Amalesh Choudhury --- Impact of sedimentation on the hydrobiology in relation to shrimp culture of two tidal ecosystems in Sundarbans of West Bengal

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Anthony Ekata Ogbeibu --- Composition and diversity of Diptera in temporary pond in southern Nigeria

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A Kikim & P. S. Yadava --- Phenology of tree species in subtropical forests of Manipur in North eastern India

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Scientific Correspondence
P. G. Sreekumar & M. Balakrishnan --- Habitat and altitude preferences of butterflies in Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

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H. C. Lakshman, L. Rajanna, R. F. Inchal, F. I. Mulla & Y. Srinivasulu --- Survey of VA - mycorrhizae in agroforestry and its implications on forest trees

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