Volume 42, No. 1
Summer 2001

Review Papers
David Kothamasi, Ramesh Chander Kuhad & C.R. Babu --- Arbuscular mycorrhizae in plant survival strategies.

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Research Papers
P. Parolin, W.J. Junk & M.T.F. Piedade --- Gas exchange of six tree species from Central Amazonian floodplains.

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Ishwar Prakash & Himmat Singh --- Composition and species diversity of small mammals in the hilly tracts of southeastern Rajasthan.

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John A. Genet, Kristen S. Genet, Thomas M. Burton, Peter G. Murphy & Ariel E.     Lugo --- Response of termite community and wood decomposition rates to habitat fragmentation in a subtropical dry forest.

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R. Pramanik, K. Sarkar & V.C. Joy --- Efficiency of detritivore soil arthropods in mobilizing nutrients from leaf litter.

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M. Shah Hussain, Jamal A. Khan & Rahul Kaul --- Aspects of ecology and conservation of Kalij Lophura leucomelana and Koklas Pucrasia macrolopha in the Kumaon Himalaya, India.

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K.P. Sharma, R. K. Chaturvedi, Kamayani Sharma & S. M. Bhardwaj --- Dominance and diversity studies of vegetation of polluted habitats around Sanganer, Jaipur.

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Neeraj Khera, Arvind Kumar, Jeet Ram & Ashish Tewari --- Plant biodiversity assessment in relation to disturbances in mid-elevational forest of Central Himalaya, India.

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Kristen S. Genet, John A. Genet, Thomas M. Burton & Peter G. Murphy --- The lizard community of a subtropical dry forest: Guánica forest, Puerto Rico.

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Shyamalendu Bikash Saha, S.B. Bhattacharyya & A. Choudhury --- Photosynthetic activity in relation to hydrobiological characteristics of a brackishwater tidal ecosystem of sundarbans in West Bengal, India.

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M.L. Khan & Uma Shankar --- Effect of seed weight, light regime and substratum microsite on germination and seedling growth of Quercus semiserrata Roxb.

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Shyamalendu Bikash Saha, Abhijit Mitra, S.B. Bhattacharyya & Amalesh Choudhury --- Status of sediment with special reference to heavy metal pollution of a brackishwater tidal ecosystem in northern Sundarbans of West Bengal.

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Scientific Correspondence
P.B. Ghosh & A. Choudhury --- Seasonal variation of aliphatic hydrocarbons in sediments of Hooghly estuary, north-east coast of India.

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Sanjay K. Pandey & R.P. Shukla --- The regeneration pattern and population structure of Boerhaavia diffusa L. in relation to disturbance in grasslands of north-eastern U.P.

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