Volume 41, No. 2
Winter 2000

Research Papers
Barnett, A.A., N. Read, J. Scurlock, C. Low, H. Norris & R. Shapley --- Ecology of rodent communities in agricultural habitats in eastern Sierra Leone: Cocoa groves as forest refugia.

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Padaki, Arjun & N. Parthasarathy --- Abundance and distribution of lianas in tropical lowland evergreen forest of Agumbe, central Western Ghats, India.

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Solanki, G.S. --- Grazing behaviour and foraging strategy of goats in semi-arid region in    India.

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Dunphy, B.K., P.G. Murphy & A.E. Lugo --- The tendency for trees to be multiple-stemmed in tropical and subtropical dry forests: Studies of Guanica forest, Puerto Rico

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Reddy, M. Vikram, D.F. Yule & K. Vidyasagar --- Influence of tillage and microarthropod abundance on some nutrients during decomposition of rice-straw mulch in a semi-arid tropical alfisol.

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Sharma, B.K. --- Rotifers from some tropical flood-plain lakes of Assam (N.E. India).

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Anosike, J.C., A.J. Njoku, B.E.B. Nwoke, C.N. Ukaga, O.U. Okoro & A.N.C. Amadi --- The status of dracunculiasis in parts of Isieke community in Ebonyi local government area of Ebonyi state, Nigeria

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Gokula, V. & L. Vijayan --- Foraging pattern of birds during the breeding season in thorn forest of Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary, Tamil Nadu, Southern India.

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Maeyama, T. & T. Matsumoto --- Colonial system of Philidris ants (Formicidae; Dolichoderinae) occupying epiphytic myrmecophytes in a tropical mangrove forest.

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Manchanda, H. & A. Kaushik --- Algal flora of the aridisols of Rohtak and salt-tolerance of the indigenous cyanobacteria.

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Singh, J.N. & V. Mudgal --- Assessment of mineral content of tree leaf litter of Nokrek biosphere reserve and its impact on soil properties.

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Che Salmah, M.R., S.T.S. Hassan & A. Abu Hassan --- Local movement and feeding pattern of adult Neurothemis tullia (Drury) (Odonata: Libellulidae) in a rain fed rice field.

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Scientific Correspondence
Nwankwo, D.I. --- The algae of crude oil impacted mangrove soil in the Niger delta, Nigeria.

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Oli, B.P. & P.K. Gupta --- Land mollusc fauna of the Kumaon Himalayan forest and the role of snail in plant litter decomposition.
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Parthasarathi, K. & L.S. Ranganathan --- Profiles of enzyme activity in the gut of Lampito mauritii and Eudrilus eugeniae reared on various substrates.

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Nautiyal, Rachna, Prakash Nautiyal & H.R. Singh --- Species richness and diversity of epilithic diatom communities on different natural substrates in the coldwater river Alaknanda.

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