Volume 41, No. 1
Summer 2000

Research Papers

Carse, L.E., T.S. Frederickson & J.C. Licona --- Liana-Tree species associations in a Bolivian dry forest.

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Javed, S. & A.R. Rahmani --- Flocking and habitat use pattern of the Red Jungle fowl Gallus gallus in            
Dudwa National Park, India.

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Singh, G., G.N. Gupta & V. Kuppusamy --- Seasonal variations in organic carbon and nutrient availability in arid zone agroforestry systems.

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Ukpong, I.E. --- Gradient analysis in mangrove swamp forests.

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Bhandari, B.S., J.P. Mehta & S.C. Tiwari --- Fire and nutrient dynamics in a Heteropogon contortus grazingland of Garhwal Himalaya

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Krishnan, N., A. Jeyachandran & N. Nagendran --- Effect of seasonal and altitudinal variations on growth performance of Acalypha indica in Alagar hill (Eastern Ghats),  South India.

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Marques, A.R., Q.S. Garcia, J.L.P. Rezende & G.W. Fernandes --- Variations in leaf characteristics of two species of Miconia in the Brazilian cerrado under different light intensities

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Mukhopadhyay, S.K., T.K. Jana, T.K. De & S. Sen --- Measurement of exchange of CO2 in mangrove forest  of Sunderbans using micrometeorological method.

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Purushothaman, Seema, S. Viswanath & C. Kunhikannan --- Economic valuation of extractive conservation in a tropical deciduous forest in Madhya Pradesh, India..

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Fowler, H.G., J.H.C. Delabie & P.R.S. Moutinho --- Hypogaeic and epigaeic ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) assemblages of Atlantic coastal rainforest and dry mature and secondary Amazon forest
in Brazil: Continuums or Communities ?

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Dixit, A.M. & S.V. Subba Rao --- Observation on distribution and habitat characteristics of Gugal  (Commiphora wightii) in the arid region of Kachchh, Gujarat, India.

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Ekpenyong, E. --- Algal biomass and pigment diversity in typical tropical fish ponds.

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Mathauda, S.S., H.S. Mavi, B.S. Bhangoo & B.K. Dhaliwal --- Impact of projected climate change on rice production in Punjab (India)

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Scientific Correspondence    
Dhaulakhandi, M., G.S. Rajwar & P. Kumar --- Primary productivity and system transfer functions in an alpine grassland of western Garhwal Himalaya.

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Pradhan, M. --- Germination vigour of Himalayan alder seeds under controlled conditions

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Chaudhuri, P.S., T.K. Pal, G. Bhattacharjee & S.K. Dey – Chemical changes during vermicomposting (Perionyx excavatus) of kitchen wastes.

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Shrestha, R., S.B. Karmacharya & P.K. Jha --- Vegetation analysis of natural and degraded forests in  
Chitrepani in Siwalik region of Central Nepal..

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Sutar, S.R., S.D. Bhat & R. Vasudeva --- Sizes, Shapes and flight behaviour of egret flocks enroute to roosts    
near Sirsi, Karnataka, India.

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Genet, J.A., K.S. Genet, T.M. Burton & P.G. Murphy --- Quantitative characterization of a subtropical dry
forest termite community (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae, Rhinotermitidae, Termitidae).

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Kushwaha, C.P., R. Srivastava & K.P. Singh --- Implications of tillage and residue management on soil
microbial biomass, N-mineralization rate and available-N in a dryland agroecosystem.

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