Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts (in triplicate) can be submitted through post to -

Chief Editor

International Society for Tropical Ecology,
Department of Botany,
Banaras Hindu University,
Uttar Pradesh - 221005 (India)
The mss by post should always accompany an electronic version either on a CD or as email attachment (

Manuscripts may also be submitted to any of the Editors/Associate Editors (under intimation to the Chief Editor). However, manuscripts in  Portuguese must be submitted to R.M.A. Sardinha and in Spanish to Jorge Meave.

The Associate Editors (addresses and e-mail IDs are  given under Editorial Board) will be pleased to consider mss in the following areas (mss must be sent as e-mail attachment):

José A. Amador: Microbial ecology, applied soil ecology, biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, soil microbiology and water quality.
Demel Teketay: Forest ecology including diversity, regeneration, restoration, conservation and livelihoods, ethnobotany and ethno-ecology, impact of plantations on indigenous species, seed and seedling ecology.
Sharda R. Gupta: Grassland productivity, litter decomposition and nutrient cycling and agroforestry.
Ankila J. Hiremath: Invasive species, fire ecology, nutrient use efficiency/nutrient cycling and ecological restoration.
N. Parthasarathy:  Forest structure, forest biodiversity and regeneration.
G.S. Rawat: Plant ecology, wildlife conservation and biodiversity assessment.
Francisco J. Vilella: Biodiversity conservation, conservation and restoration ecology,      population ecology and wildlife management.
Jeremy M. Wojdak: ecological theory, community ecology, species interactions, aquatic ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem function.