The Scope

Research and review papers in all fields of ecology related to tropics and sub-tropics are accepted for publication. Areas of current interest include: Ecology of vegetation and ecosystems; soil ecology; stress ecology; conservation and restoration ecology; evolutionary ecology; ecology of global change and sustainable ecosystems; biological diversity and ecosystem function; Human ecology. Papers on new ecological concepts, methodology and reviews on contemporary themes, not necessarily confined to tropics, may also be considered.

Tropical Ecology will also publish Scientific Correspondence containing technical comments, new ideas/concepts, or results which deserve rapid communication.

The journal is open to persons of all nations. Membership of ISTE is not a prerequisite for publishing in Tropical Ecology.
There is no page charge. Papers are generally limited to 15 printed pages. Scientific Correspondence will be limited to 1250 words with a maximum of three small display (Figure/Table) items and 10/12 references. Three pages of the double space typescript equal approximately one printed page of the journal.

Tropical Ecology Publishes

  • Original research papers
  • Reviews on topical themes
  • Scientific correspondence
  • Exhaustive Book Reviews

Areas of Current Interest

  • Ecology of Vegetation and ecosystems
  • Soil ecology
  • Stress ecology
  • Conservation and restoration ecology
  • Evolutionary ecology
  • Global change and sustainable ecosystems
  • Biological diversity
  • Human ecology