ISTE published its first journal as the Bulletin of the International Society for the Tropical Ecology in 1960. The journal was renamed Tropical Ecology in 1961. From 1968, two issues of the journal are published each year. After the reorganization of the Editorial Board in 1977, Tropical Ecology has become multilingual, accepting papers in four languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese), and publishing abstracts of each paper in these four languages. Till 2010, 51 volumes have been published, containing contributions from over 800 authors from different countries.

Back Volumes of Tropical Ecology

Back volumes of the journal Tropical Ecology can be obtained from the Society, rates for which are as follows:

  • Volumes 2-9: Rs. 100 (India) or U.S. $ 20 (Overseas) each
  • Volumes 10-22 (12, 13, 15, 19 & 22 out of print): Rs. 200 (India) or U.S.$ 40 (Overseas) each
  • Volumes 23-31: Rs. 300 (India) or U.S. $ 50 (Overseas) each
  • Volume 32-43 Rs. 500 (India) or U.S. $ 60 (Overseas) each
  • Volume 44-48: Rs. 700 (India) or U.S. $ 70 (Overseas) each
  • Volume 49-51: Rs.1200 (India) or U.S. $ 140 (Overseas) each
Other Publications
  • Recent Advances in Tropical Ecology. 1968. Eds. R. Misra & Brij Gopal. 2 volumes. 773 pages. Price  Rs. 150 (India) or U.S. $ 20 (Overseas).
  • Tropical Ecology with Emphasis on Organic Production. 1972. Compiled and published for ISTE by P.M. Golley & F.B. Golley. 411 pages. Price Rs. 50 (India) or U.S. $ 10 (Overseas) (Out of print).
  • ISTE Directory and Handbook. 1987. Eds. K.P. Singh & J.S. Singh. Price Rs. 100 (India) or U.S. $ 15 (Overseas).
  • Perspectives on Environment and Ecology in India. 1987. Eds. J.S. Singh & K.P. Singh. Price Rs. 100 (India) or U.S. $ 15 (Overseas).
  • Tropical Ecosystems: Ecology and Management. 1992. Eds. K.P. Singh & J.S. Singh. 574 pages (published for ISTE by New Age International (P) Limited, Publishers, 4835/24, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi, India; order to be placed directly with the publisher).
  • ISTE Directory and Handbook. 1998. Eds. K.P. Singh & J.S. Singh. Price Rs. 250 (India) or U.S. $ 25 (Overseas).
How to Order

The quoted prices of ISTE publications include postage and handling. The Members of ISTE are eligible to obtain above publications for their own use at 50% of the listed price. Agents and booksellers get a discount of 20%. Larger discount is negotiable on bulk purchase.

Cheque/draft should be drawn in favour of: International Society for Tropical Ecology payable at Varanasi.

Orders along with payment should be mailed to:

International Society for Tropical Ecology
Department of Botany
Banaras Hindu University
Varanasi 221 005, INDIA

For other electronic payment options see the section on Subscription Rates.